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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Build, deploy and run Emulator in WinCE6.0

So, recently I got a chance to work with WinCE6.0. During this time, I tried using emulator in WinCE6.0.

The emulator feature is excluded from WEC7 onward. In WEC7 or WEC2013, user should setup and use VirtualPC (CEPC BSP). This is a bit more complex than Emulator in WinCE6.0. I have explained the steps to use CEPC in older post: Installing, building and running WEC7 image on VirtualPC

Setting up and using Emulator in WinCE6.0 is more easier. In this post, I'm writing detailed steps.

1. Create a new OS design project. In visual studio, go to File-->New-->Project.

2. Select "Platform Builder for CE 6.0" as project type and click "OS design" template.
and Enter project name as needed.

3. Click "Next" in Windows Embedded CE 6.0 OS design wizard.

4. Select BSP "Device emulator: ARMV4I" and click Next.

5. Select any needed Design template. Example: Phone device.

6. Click Finish.

7. This will open below window. Select Device Emulator ARMV4I Release as shown below.

8. Go to Build--> Advanced build options and click Sysgen.

9. Once Build is completed, Go to Target-->Connectivity options.

10. In target connectivity options window, Select Download option as Device Emulator (DMA)

Click Apply and close.

12. Go to Target-->Attach device.

13. In few seconds, you will see WinCE6.0 desktop.

14. You can do anything you want! ;)

Leave your suggestions/comments or questions in comment box below.